A few words from the people I’ve had the pleasure of reading for…

“Thank you again and again. I left your office feeling ages
lighter and elated. What a wonderful experience. I could get addicted to this.
With warmest wishes I thank you.”

Jeanee G
Lynbrook, NY
May 2017

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you have done for us! We will never forget the comfort and gratitude we felt the day we met with you.”

Crystal C and Rose G
Brooklyn, NY
October 2016

“Thank you very much for the session. I left your office with a deep sense of peace.”

Helen K
Boston, MA
October 2016

“I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough, the session meant the world to me. It was so on point. I found things out afterwords that I never even knew. It was life-changing and I’m so happy that I have the recording to share with my family.”

Stacey D
Farmingville, NY
May 2016

“I thank you Richard, for your open heart and mind. It is no wonder that you have uncovered this gift. Your sensitivity, warmth and gentle spirit are affirming. You are a blessing that shares many blessings.”

Maria K
Long Island, NY
April 2016

“I will definitely be back to see Richard. I can’t describe in words the peace and overwhelming comfort our session brought me today and I can’t wait to share it with my family.”

Lori S
New Market, MD
April 2015

“I am so impressed and appreciative of Richard’s ability to share with me, my parents’ communication from the other side. You were on target for a great majority of our session and I feel reassured that my parents are watching over me. Thank you for a beautiful experience!”

Dalhia S
Melville, NY
April 2015

“I listened to our session for a second time. I would like to express my gratitude to you for the work you do Richard. Both during the session and upon hearing it, I was truly overwhelmed with the accuracy of your descriptions and messages. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.”

Madeline A.
Northport, NY
December 2013

“Richard has a very special ability. Our extraordinary session with him answered so many questions, while resolving numerous issues that we’ve been dealing with for years. What Richard shared with us, was not only incredibly accurate, but gave us a peace that we’d never thought possible. We left with relief, joy, and totally rejuvenated spirits. Our hope is that you continue helping others, just as you’ve helped us. Your ability has an amazing impact on a family’s life.”

Dianna and Ernie
Swedesboro, NJ
July 2013

“I never expected to be sitting in a chair of a person who can “connect” with passed loved ones. I was completely on the fence with this subject. I walked out of Richard’s office in amazement. What I heard was blinding – there were no words to explain what I had just experienced. I left with clarification and all of my family uncertainty resolved. What an INCREDIBLY AMAZING experience!”

Sayville, NY
February 2013

“Our experience with Richard brought answers, understanding, communication and true healing… it was the greatest gift.”

Vicki and Hugh
Sayville, NY
February 2013

“If there was a category for ‘more than highly recommended’ that would be my choice for Richard Schoeller. Richard is everything you would expect from a genuine Medium – he is honest, kind, sensitive, intuitive, loved by Spirit, and most of all respectful! Respectful to those in the Spirit world, and those of us on earth. That respect comes through in every word, which not only enhances the reading and messages received, but gives value to every person Richard interacts with.”

Reno, NV
October 2012