Prepare for a Reading

In order to prepare for the reading I would like to make a few recommendations:

If there is someone in spirit that you are hoping will come through, sometime prior to our meeting, say a prayer aloud to them. I know our words carry vibrations. I cannot guarantee that they will communicate, but I will do my best to sit and bring through anyone in Spirit who makes their presence known to me.

On occasion a person who is coming through may not be clear to you. Allow me the time to make them as clear as I can for you. After we have established who is communicating I will share what their message to you may be.

During the time that we sit all cell phones and beepers will need to be turned off.

Please do not drink any alcohol prior to the seating. Alcohol will depress your system and will bring the energy level down.

At the beginning and end of the session I will offer a prayer. It is meant to show respect and love to those who make their presence known to us.

Prior to our starting I will go through an explanation of what may or may not happen. After that I will offer a prayer and begin.

If you have any questions please feel free to view my videos on YouTube or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Download this page as a PDF to print before your first visit.