Informed Consent/Disclaimer

I will record the session for you. Following the session I will send an email link to you. The link is active for two weeks. In two weeks access to the audio link will end and I will delete the original recording from my laptop.

There is always a possibility I may not be able to read for you. If I am not able to read for you, while I will feel badly, I will be direct and honest. I would rather be direct and honest up front and express to you that I cannot read for you if it is not happening organically.

I will begin the session with a prayer. Following the prayer as I become aware of the men and women in the room I will make you aware of who is here. That includes any pets you may have loved.

You may have the hope for one person to make their presence known. While I hope they may too, I cannot promise you that any one person will be present. If they are present in the room, I cannot promise you that they will step forward to communicate.

I promise you that whoever does step forward I will do the best that I can to make you aware of who they are and why they are here.

I have an agreement with the spiritual realm. They are not to tell me bad news for anyone unless they are prepared to follow it up with solutions to help you.

What I ask of you is that you respond to me in simple ways. Saying “yes” – “no” – “I don’t know” – “I don’t remember.” Phrases and replies that help me to know that you understand what I am sharing with you. If I need details or more from you I will invite the conversation.

At the end of our time together I will close with a prayer.

I look forward to our time together.
Please note that in any mediumship work, there is evidence of information; but there may also be “message” information given during a personal or public session. As the evidence part of mediumship communication stands on its own merit, the message is only an opinion from the communication. It is then one’s own personal responsibility as to the choice that is made based on this message information. I hold no responsibility for that personal choice.